·         Date – July 7, 2020 | Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm

·         Registration link: https://tinyurl.com/ycvdp393

Chennai, NFAPost: A virtual event aimed at discussing key challenges and best practices from Microsoft and Schneider Electric for making buildings resilient and energy-efficient.

Scheduled for July 7, 202011 a.m.-12 p.m. the session willexplore key differentiators which building management should embrace to facilitate cost optimisation, energy savings and safety of occupants.

Technology intervention can make critical requirements like contactless management, predictive and remote operational efficiency, real in today’s environment.

The session will be led by Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India and Anil Chaudhry, Zone President & Managing Director, Schneider Electric, India.

The recent health crisis and economic scenario has led businesses and communities to have an even sharper focus on the health, safety and well-being of people, making contact-less operations crucial. 

As most companies transition to a hybrid work environment, smart buildings that enable secure, efficient operations will be critical. Technology is playing a big role in enabling that, with  technologies like IoT and AI being used for remote monitoring services that provide  insights into a building’s performance and health, helping organisations, and communities achieve operational efficiency and build resilience.

Schneider Electric and Microsoft have brought IT & OT & AI together to create a seamless and secure AIoT- enabled platform providing customers the tools they need to build resilience in these challenging times. Powered by Microsoft, Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Building Advisor, EcoStruxure Power Advisor and Workplace Advisor are intelligent tools that enable condition-based monitoring and maintain power network operations along with building HVAC systems, while teams are operating with reduced strength or off-site.

Talking about the engagement with Schneider Electric, Microsoft India President Anant Maheshwari said in today’s world of remote everything, technology is playing a central role in building economic resilience. 

“Technologies like AI, IOT, big data and machine learning are helping businesses transform, adapt and drive business success by providing real time actionable insights for efficient and secure operations. Our collaboration with Schneider Electric reflects our commitment to help organizations build the digital capability required to pivot toward recovery and accelerate digital success for India,” said Microsoft India President Anant Maheshwari.

Teams can continue making data-driven decisions, using powerful diagnostics to anticipate potential malfunctions in electrical and HVAC equipment. Microsoft’s technology that powers these platform gathers data from sensors to create parallel digital twins to drive insights, is scalable and can integrate with any digital environment. It helps in digitising power and building management systems, increases remote service capabilities, controls costs, and maintains operations when resources are low.

Schneider Electric-India Zone President & Managing Director Anil Chaudhry said building owners, operators, and facility managers in critical facilities, such as data centers, hospitals, and airports, face a daunting task of keeping operations running smoothly.

“They will have to do it at maximum capacity, with minimum resources and this can be only achieved through digitisation and the right use of technology. Organisations today need to become more resilien’t and adapt to disruptive measures to ensure business continuity,”said Schneider Electric-India Zone President & Managing Director Anil Chaudhry.

The event will highlight measures to optimise operational efficiency without compromising on comfort and safety, discuss preventive checks on assets with digital tools and predictive maintenance of assets nearing breakdown and share insights around safeguarding premises from cybersecurity threats.

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