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Bengaluru, NFAPost: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the “AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge” on July 4, which saw participation from 6,940 tech entrepreneurs and startups across the country.

The entries for different categories namely Business, eLearning, Entertainment, Games, Health & fitness, News, Office and Work from Home, Others and Social took part.

A mega hackathon was organised where the top finalists selected under the challenge across categories showcased their apps.

Fitness application

StepSetGo, one of India’s fastest-growing fitness applications, emerged as a winner in a mega hackathon. StepSetGo is a bootstrapped startup launched in January 2019 by Shivjeet Ghatge, Misaal Turakhia, and Abhay Pai.

With the idea of building a fitter community, it rewards users simply for staying fit. StepSetGo has become a trendsetter and has taken over the fitness market boasting the highest app engagement in the health and fitness category on the Indian PlayStore. With over 6 million registered users StepSetGo is one of the market leaders in the fitness rewards space.

StepSetGo Cofounder and CEO Shivjeet Ghatge the team is thrilled to have won this challenge and would like to thank the government and our Prime Minister for providing a platform to start-ups to showcase their innovation to the world.

Innovative solutions

“It is a proud moment for StepSetGo to have built a product that is loved and used by over 6 million users.  For us, this is only the beginning, we have numerous new innovative solutions lined up for our existing and new users and hope to be the catalyst for the fitness revolution that’s about to ignite in India,” said StepSetGo Cofounder and CEO Shivjeet Ghatge.

The uniqueness of StepSetGo app is that in addition to help people get out of the routine work pressure and laziness it also motivate them to get fit and incentivise the process of walking itself.

StepSetGo lets people earn coins after every walk, which they can redeem in the in-app store for free products or discounts. Available on both Android and iOS for free, the app lets a user earn a coin for every 1,000 steps.

Limitless willpower

StepsSetGo Cofounder and CEO Shivjeet Ghatge said people are turning to apps to get simple and easy fitness solutions but apps seldom motivate them with their limitless willpower.

“It is from this insight that the idea of StepSetGo was born. We started with an understanding that it’s our responsibility to motivate people as well. We arrived at an idea of rewarding them at every step,” said StepsSetGo Cofounder and CEO Shivjeet Ghatge.

Setting new benchmark in the fitness industry, the company cliams to have roped in 1.4 lakh users within one month of the launch. They also claim that over 7,000 new user registrations happen every day and this is happening mainly word of mouth.

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