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Commercial and office spaces form an important part of an urban infrastructure. In 2019, the commercial and office segment was vibrant with spiralling demand for Grade A office and reduced vacancy levels. Also, the demand for co-working spaces remained strong.

However, in the present condition it appears that Post Covid-19 the demand for commercial spaces that can meet the enhanced sense of hygiene and safe environment will dictate the terms.

The designing of office spaces and commercial complexes will undergo transformation as the risks associated with it might linger on. Everyone would like to get into commercial or office space which is not only spick and span but is equipped with amenities that provide safety to life.

While the newer ones might have to start everything from the drawing board, the older ones would make the necessary changes to meet the standards.

Sanitization zones
For some time after the lockdown is over, the commercial or office spaces will in all likelihood go for the cubicles or areas that are designed to sanitize the people entering the complex. The need to have trained staff at the entrances, apart from just guarding the checkpoints, will become an absolute necessity. Here we are not talking about the cleaning staff, which is always there in such complexes to clean and disinfect the places.

Automated entrances
A lot of new commercial spaces do have automated entrances but this will now become a normal feature in all the complexes being designed. The virus was also spreading through human contact, therefore adoption of tech-based systems that reduce human contact in common areas will see a rise.

Spacious office spaces
To respect the minimum distance the office spaces will become more spacious. The distance factor between two seats will come into play and we might see higher prices being charged for providing such a facility. This change will specifically be in the co-working space segment where too many seats are placed in smaller areas to maximize profit. Another trend that can come in co-working space would be to have separate rooms on a floor with various seating capacity as against the trend in India where you also have an option of sitting in the common area by paying less.

Do not touch policy
The thorough cleaning and disinfection of commonly touched areas became pretty much a norm at many office spaces before the lockdown period, but it will gain more significance post COVID 19. The commercial and office space will also implement a strict ‘Do not touch’ policy where people or the outsiders will not be allowed to touch anything inside the space.  

Strict monitoring
The role of CCTV rooms will come into play with more seriousness. The staff will be trained to keep an eye not only on the cleaning staff but also on people who might get involved in touching spaces inside the complex unnecessarily.

Raman Gupta
Director- Branding & Construction, GBP Group

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