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Government lifts lock-out lifted; bans all protest at the plant premise

Bengaluru: Karnataka government intervened to lift the lockout and resume the operation at the Toyota-Kirloskar Motors (TKM) plant in Bidadi after the administration came to realise that the strike will convey a wrong message to prospective global investors coming to the state and malign its industry-friendly image.

The state government’s initiative was led by Deputy Chief Minister Dr C N Ashwatha Narayana, who is also the district in-charge minister for Ramanagara.

He headed an emergency meeting on Tuesday and announced that an important order would be passed by banning the protest and also lifting the lock-out as per the labour dispute act (section 3) by Monday evening.

Deputy Chief Minister Dr C N Ashwatha Narayana further clarified that production activities should resume from Wednesday itself. He asked the workers to attend for work and also suggested the management to make the required preparations.

TKM passenger manufacturing plant declared lockout on 11th this month after employees resorted to a sit-in strike. The labour unions alleged there is a tussle between the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen standard and its impact on the work environment in the factory.

Bring back normalcy

Interacting with NFAPost, TKM Employees Union President Prasanna Kumar said TKM production practices based on Kaizen standard have put pressure on labourers it has created an unfriendly work environment at the factory shopfloor.

Before this declaring the decision, Deputy Chief Minister Dr C N Ashwatha Narayana held discussions with workers and management in presence of Minister for Labour Shivaram Hebbar, Additional Chief Secretary Department of Industries Gourav Gupta and others. 

39 workers were suspended after a conflict began between the management and workers in the company which is the single largest automobile manufacturing unit of the state. Following this, while workers had resorted to indefinite sit-in-protest, the management had announced the lock-out.

Deputy Chief Minister Dr C N Ashwatha Narayana made it clear that the protest and lock-out are not judicious and convinced the workers and representatives of the management to bring back conducive industrial friendly investment climate in Karnataka.

Industry friendly climate

“The state is known for its work culture. This has enabled the robust growth of the industry in the state. The state has a very conducive environment for investment and growth of industries in entire Asia. It is the responsibility of one and all in the state to contribute to the revival of the economy which is weakened due to Covid-19. The protest and lock-down would not send any positive message,” said Deputy Chief Minister Dr C N Ashwatha Narayana.

He reminded that the entire world is looking at what is happening in India at this juncture. Also, he pointed out that countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan have been enthusiastic to set up their manufacturing plants in the state. Here he reminded that the thoughts of protest and lockdown should not at all emanate in this situation.

“We should be inspired by the work culture of Japan. Everyone should be aware that there was a very rigorous competition in the market and consumers have many options for cars,” said Deputy Chief Minister Dr C N Ashwatha Narayana.

Besides Magadi MLA Manjunatha, the Deputy Chief Minister Dr C N Ashwatha Narayana interacted with DyCM Secretary P.Pradeep, Ramanagara Deputy Commissioner Archana, Superintendent of Police Girish and Additional labour commissioner Manjunatha at the meeting.

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