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Indian Institute of Technology Madras is going to celebrate the Research Scholars Day 2021 (RSD) in the online mode this year between April 2-4, 2021.

This is the first time that this annual research festival is completely going online, a release from IIT Madras said.

RSD envisions extending the frontiers of Academic Research and Innovation beyond the theories of textbooks and laboratories. It aims to bring together minds while encouraging the free exchange of ideas and research interests.

Research at IIT Madras is pursued by around 570 faculty members, more than 3,000 MS and PhD research scholars in addition to around 800 project staff and a good number of undergraduates as well.

The Theme for this year’s festival is ‘SHUNYA: Nanos to Cosmos.’ Shunya (zero) has been a cornerstone for several scientific advancements. It also symbolises the pursuit of a sustainable future and a positive beginning. From Nanosciences to cosmic exploration, the endless pursuit of knowledge continues through RSD 2021.

IIT Madras Dean (Academic Research) Prof. Ashok Kumar Mishra said, “Research at IIT Madras is continuously nurturing by researchers and RSD has been a platform for sharing the knowledge among research scholars, academicians, industrialists, entrepreneurs, and practitioners of various specialisations”

RSD was started in 2012 with a vision to spread awareness and celebrate academic research and innovation. The RSD 2021 is the ninth edition of this annual research festival at IIT Madras. RSD 2021 will feature over 40 events, ranging from lectures by eminent speakers, competitions and workshops to a research expo.

IIT Madras Research Affairs Secretary Rohit Jhunjhunwala said, “RSD 2021 strives to bring together scholars onto a single platform to compete, communicate and collaborate in a variety of events. It also provides the scholars to an opportunity to showcase their work to their peers as well as to a wider audience.”

Prominent Speakers of RSD 2021 include:

  • Jim Cantrell, Founder & CEO, Phantom Space Corporation
  • Kallol Roy, Former CMD, Bhavini, DAE
  • Arjita Sethi, Founder and CEO – Equally,

Though RSD has always been open to every university, this edition has got significant participation from campuses across India. RSD 2021 is meant to be a confluence of the various stakeholders in the research field such as scholar-students, academicians, industrial R&D professionals and the research enabling organisations.

Awareness about cutting edge research and how it impacts the lives of the citizenry has been and always shall be the prime focus for RSD.

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