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BYJU’S, one of India’s largest edtech company and creator of India’s popular K-12 app, has announced the launch of Social Studies within its learning program.

In addition to Math and Science, the app will now offer in-depth, visually rich and engaging programs in History, Civics, and Geography for school children.

Considered as a ‘vast’ subject with diverse topics and components, students often find it difficult to understand and comprehend concepts across History, Civics and Geography.

This new Social Studies program from BYJU’S breaks down the theories through role play, visualisation, and gamified content, thereby offering students an immersive learning experience.

Teachers in the video interact with 3D images and animation to create an enriching learning experience for students. For example, formation of the Himalayas has been explained in detail by showcasing the movement and collision between the Indo Australian and Eurasian plates due to external forces with the help of full screen animation and 3D images.

Commenting on the launch, Vinay M.R., Chief Content Officer, BYJU’S, said, “We are excited to announce the launch of our new subject offering – Social Studies. Students often consider this subject as ‘heavy’ or ‘tough’ since it’s mostly learnt theoretically.

“Our teachers and team of subject matter experts, backed by strong R&D and technology has designed this program that simplifies History, Civics, and Geography concepts through visuals, real-life examples and storytelling in an engaging way.”

Vinay further added, “The BYJU’S Social Studies program has been created to help students delve deeper to understand and discover the true value of this subject. We have added facts and figures to make the subject more interesting and informative. Our aim was to add a whole new dimension to how students learn and approach an important subject like Social Studies.”

Students can access this new subject for free by downloading the BYJU’S Learning App from Playstore or Appstore.

The pandemic brought online learning to the forefront. An inflection point for the ed-tech industry, in the last 10-11 months 45 million new students have started learning from BYJU’S for free.

During this period, BYJU’S fast-tracked the launch of multiple products (learning programs in regional languages and BYJU’S classes) to help students continue with their learning seamlessly.

With 80 million students on the app and 5.5 million paid subscriptions, BYJU’S is continuously working toward creating engaging and effective learning programs for students.

Check out some sample videos, here:

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