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Bengaluru, NFAPost: TATA Health, the digital health arm of the TATA Group, announced the PAN-India availability of its Digital Health platform.

Launched in Bengaluru, TATA Health App is the online consultation App that helped more than 6 Lakh people. With a vision to enhance health and happiness always, TATA Health provides instant consultation service through a wide network of Physicians and Specialists, enabling immediate medical advice for any health issue without having to wait for an appointment. They also have specialists and super-specialists in over 15 specialties and General Medicine doctors are available 24×7.

The doctors on the App are selected after a rigorous multi-step selection process. These curated doctors deliver personalized care with empathy, understand patient needs and only prescribe what is necessary.

Users have access to a personal, pin protected Health Locker, which stores all their medical records safely online. This allows patients to access and share their medical information when needed. The App also enables pharma purchase as well as home collection of samples for lab tests with certified labs in select locations.

TATA Health App is one highest rated healthcare apps in the country. It has a whole range of functionalities including Steps Tracker for users to track their daily steps and set goals to stay fit, medicine reminders to ensure consumers regularly take medicines and also personalized content specific to user needs.

Commenting on the company’s initiative, TATA Health CEO Manzoor Ameen said TATA Health is committed to help people in India have better access to healthcare.

“Preventive care and early diagnosis can help delay/prevent the onset of chronic cases. Availability of 24×7 online care from professional doctors can help consumers address any healthcare need quickly and conveniently. The pandemic has shown us the importance of preparing for the unexpected when it comes to health,” said Manzoor Ameen.

TATA Health’s online consultation will put healthcare at every individual’s fingertips, giving instant access to curated services and transparent choices for peace of mind. “As digitization of health increases, more and more people are looking for healthcare support and solutions that are easily accessible through their smartphones and it is here that TATA Health configured itself to provide quality health solutions,” said Manzoor Ameen.

The specialties that are available for consultation with curated specialists include General Medicine, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Dermatology, Psychiatry, ENT, Orthopaedics, Cardiology, Diabetology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Psychology, Nephrology and Nutrition Counselling. COVID consultation is also available.

Manzoor Ameen further added that the global telemedicine market is expected to reach $5.5 billion by 2025. “The Indian health tech industry also saw a boost driven by a surge in demand during the pandemic. Of the various segments of health tech, online consultations are one the fastest growing segments,” said Manzoor Ameen.

He also said positive government policies such as the National Digital Health Mission are giving a fillip new investments in health technology.

“The release of the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines also gave clarity and provided a framework for online medical consultations. At TATA Health, we will ensure user confidence and authenticity in online consultations through transparency and strict compliance with data privacy and security laws,” said Manzoor Ameen.

TATA Health has also launched a campaign to educate people in seeking timely medical advice for symptoms that may be confusing. The #SochMatPoochLe digital campaign encourages people to take action and address their health concerns by consulting with curated doctors through an easy to access platform.

The TATA Health platform can be access on web at The app can be downloaded at TATAHEALTH+ for Android and TATAHEALTH+ for iPhone.

About Tata Health

TATA Health is part of Tata Industries and is the Digital Health arm of the TATA group, set up with the vision of providing predictive, preventive, and personalised healthcare to consumers. It offers a full suite of health services including instant doctor consultation service supported by a network of curated Physicians and Specialists. It is committed to provide enhanced access and quality primary healthcare. Leveraging the best in technology and medical science, TATA Health has become one of India’s most trusted health apps today.

The company has built a robust, secure and intelligent platform that allows seamless connection to doctors across more than 15 specialities. It seeks to understand consumers deeply and help enhance their health and happiness. More than 6 Lakh users have benefitted from the services being offered.

TATA Health is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka is driven by a highly qualified and passionate team. It is growing rapidly and has significant plans to expand its scale and scope of services. TATA Digital Health services can be accessed via their website (PWA) and the app on the Google Play store for Android and iOS users. To know more please visit:

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