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New Delhi, NFAPost: SalesPanda, an integrated sales enablement and accceleration platform, launched Digital Office platform that will provide an intuitive experience and is cautiously crafted to balance the user requirements.

According to SalesPanda, the Digital Office platform offers businesses and customers with a wholesome and rewarding experience via their partner network in the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) industries under one roof.

The company is known for its complete digital set-up enabling and empowering agents, distributors and sales teams with digital automation to amplify their business.

The platform has been helping BFSI organisations leverage the vast customer reach of their agents, distributors and sales teams with centrally operated digital campaigns for an improved reach, prospect nurturing and customer engagement while maintaining strict regulatory compliance.

Digital innovation in financial services sector, has been acting as a facilitator in effectively powering channel network to grow business and meet customer demands. The digital office has been strategized to offer a holistic platform for agents, distributors and sellers in the BFSI sector that are majorly dependent on face-to-face meetings to sell products.

This comprehensive digital set-up will empower BFSI companies with the required visibility on partner activities across different platforms, extended reach and distribution, centralised control and partner retention. The agents, distributors and sales teams will be enabled with branded marketing content, empowerment and engagement opportunities, digital presence and reach and a growth in sales.

Each agent, distributor and seller will also be benefitted with individual microsites that will help create a credible online presence, Social Media & WhatsApp marketing, email marketing, sales enablement and Lead Management System that will aid in capturing and nurturing leads better.

Commenting on the new product Digital Office, SalesPanda founder Samit Arora said the contemporary era of digital innovation has been a catalyst for diverse industries, and the BFSI sector is no exception.

“SalesPanda aims to bridge the gap between sales and marketing efforts by helping BFSI companies enable their partner network with a well-integrated digital platform that helps create a credible online presence, engagement and more sales closure,” said Samit Arora.

He also pointed out that the new digital office platform is a testament to our commitment to serving businesses and customers across the sector. “As the world gradually embraces technology, this digital platform will prove to be a one-stop solution enabling businesses to grow digitally,” said Samit Arora.

Bizight solutions Pvt Ltd, the holding company of SalesPanda, is a technology sales and marketing company with deep
experience in digital and channel marketing across multiple industry verticals since 2011.

The company started as a Digital Services company with IBM as the first client and then went on to work with clients like IBM, Cisco, Netapp, Ingram, Syndicate Bank amongst other prominent names. In 2013, the company started working on a platform for sales channels, Mid 2016 – SalesPanda platform was launched.

Currently, the company has geographical presence in India (Delhi) along with partner offices in Singapore, Dubai and US. Apart from SalesPanda platform, Bizight as a company has capabilities and clients in areas of digital content creation, social media marketing, digital ads and campaign management services. BFSI and Technology are key verticals of the company.

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