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Hyderabad, NFAPost: Pegasystems Inc announced a collaboration with Google Cloud that will help improve experiences in healthcare with better data insights and personalization.

This partnership between Pega and Google Cloud will bring together the capabilities of Google Cloud’s Healthcare Data Engine and Pega’s suite of intelligent healthcare solutions. Organizations will be better positioned to deliver optimal care and health outcomes to millions of people by combining Google Cloud’s efficient, comprehensive data platform and Pega’s personalized recommendations.

New healthcare models have created siloed experiences for multiple audiences across departments within a single organization – including members with insurance questions, authorized caregivers, patients living with chronic disease, and more.

Google Cloud US Healthcare & Life Science Managing Director Chris Sakalosky said Google Cloud continues to seek partnerships that expand Healthcare Data Engine’s comprehensive clinical data harmonization capabilities at scale to enable our customers to make near-real-time healthcare decisions.

“We are excited to partner with Pega to enable healthcare organizations to unlock the power of their data to provide relevant, timely, and personalized experiences for patients, clinicians, and their entire organisation,” said Google Cloud US Healthcare & Life Science Managing Director Chris Sakalosky.

Additionally, the shift to digital records has created an explosion of data that many organizations struggle to manage. These shifts have surfaced new challenges to combine multiple data sources and take appropriate action on consumers’ channel of choice with tailored care and service.

This partnership with Google Cloud will allow Pega’s clients to configure their applications so Google Cloud’s Healthcare Data Engine — which enables advanced analytics and AI in a secure, compliant, and scalable cloud environment — seamlessly works with Pega’s healthcare solutions.

Pegasystems president, global client engagement Hayden Stafford said as the healthcare industry becomes increasingly more complicated, organizations need solutions that cut through the complexity to provide more seamless and quality experiences for health consumers.

“Clients will be able to maximize the impact of Google Cloud’s data and analytics capabilities in combination with Pega’s intelligent next-best-action recommendations for the most tailored care and service possible,” said Pegasystems president, global client engagement Hayden Stafford.

These solutions include Pega Care ManagementTM, Pega Customer ServiceTM for Healthcare, Pega Sales Automation TM for Healthcare, and Pega Customer Decision Hub TM. Google Cloud’s Healthcare Data Engine harmonizes data from multiple sources, including medical records, claims, clinical trials, and research data, providing a foundation for Pega to facilitate and optimize millions of individualized, data-based conversations between consumers and health organizations, including service and claims interactions, and care navigation activities.

By aligning these technologies, healthcare organizations can make better real-time decisions around gaps in care and population health, gain access to better patient and member views, and improve clinical trials. Organizations will be able to unlock their data’s full potential to enable more personalized engagement, care, and services, ultimately creating better health outcomes and experiences.

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