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Bengaluru, NFAPost: According to survey based forecasts women business owners could create over 150-million jobs (15 crores) in India by 2030, Archana Rai, Editor-South, The Economic Times, said on Wednesday.

Speaking on ‘Women Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Action Needed’ at the BTS-2021 session, she told, women in tech field are still on a downslope, despite studies highlighting that spiraling of the quantity and quality of women entrepreneurship has the potential to create over 30 million women-run enterprises.

“Over the past decade, women-owned enterprises have increased from 14% to 20%, according to government estimates,” said The Economic Times Editor-South Archana Rai.

SUGAR Cosmetics Cofounder & CEO Vineeta Singh said if women can really start this flywheel where there are a lot more fun days and more money going to businesses that employ more women and serve more women and that’s likely would then be a lot more unstoppable.

“The presence of women as entrepreneurs is playing a prominent role in society, generating more employment opportunities and a major source of inspiration for others in our country. Start-ups run by them, promote women empowerment as they tend to employ more women, leading to balanced growth,” said SUGAR Cosmetics Cofounder & CEO Vineeta Singh .

Sequoia Capital Managing Director Sakshi Chopra said that women in Tier II and Tier III cities are more entrepreneurial, coming from possibly business families.

The stories of successful entrepreneurs in the public domain are encouraging and mentoring younger ones to overcome the gender agnosticism in this tech-supported Bengaluru is required, as pointed out by the panelists.

Portea Medical Cofounder and Chairperson & Managing Director Meena Ganesh said women founders are good, or even better than men founders.

“Meaningful businesses that women are providing enhance a greater narrative and celebrating small wins gives more confidence,” said Portea Medical Cofounder and Chairperson & Managing Director Meena Ganesh.

In a related development, Chimera Technologies, a customer-centric and innovative technology company,Founder and CEO- Padma Duraiswamy has been named the ‘Woman Entrepreneur of Year – IT by STPI (Software Technology Park of India).

With near two decades of experience in end-to-end outsource product development. Chimera is harnessing its power of product development, extended delivery center, application development and maintanance and more. The company enables the full value of game-changing technology and services that are easy to use, scalable and adaptable to build a better and bold new future.

Chimera Technologies has a diverse pool of expertise in offering a wide range of solutions in Outsourced Product Development, Extended Delivery Centre, Application Development and Maintenance, Deep Data Analytics reaching across the United States of America, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Dubai. The company has deep industry expertise in FinTech/Payments, HRTech, HealthTech, Governance, Monitoring Solutions and Enterprise Applications.

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