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Facebook in India earned a post tax profit of Rs 128.21 crore

Mumbai, NFAPost: Facebook India’s revenue from operations for the financial year 2021 stood at Rs 1,480.71 crore, increasing by around 22 per cent, from Rs 1,215.59 crore last year, according to regulatory filings.

Profit after tax stood at Rs 128.21 crore, plunging 5.58 per cent, from Rs 135.78 crore last fiscal.

Key source of income
According to the filing, Facebook’s key source of income is through its advertiser reseller revenue which grew by around 41 per cent YoY .

The company acts as a reseller of advertising services to Indian customers wherein it generates revenue through resale of ad inventory on Facebook and displaying ad products on its affiliated platforms like Instagram, Messenger, and third-party websites or mobile applications.

The gross revenue from advertising reselling stood at Rs 9,325.85 crore, up from Rs 6,612.66 crore in FY20. The net advertising reselling after excluding cost of sales, adjustment on account of ads reserve and adjustment for agency rebate stood at Rs 636.59 crore.

Around Rs 8,44.12 crore came from revenue from IT-enabled business process outsourcing service to group companies, which is a service fee or commission charged based on the level of expenses incurred by Facebook in the performance of services plus an agreed profit margin.

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