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26-year-old Ashwin Sreenivas’s startup helps companies manage their communities; he helps startups and Fortune 500 companies

Kochi, NFAPost: Ashwin Sreenivas, an alumnus of Stanford University, is really on cloud nine as he is recently made it to the prestigious Forbes’ annual 30 Under 30 list.

The 26-year-old Ashwin Sreenivas from Kochi who founded Campfire says understanding the people that are a part of the community is critical for any company today.

His Enterprise startup Campfire helps companies understand their clients using artificial intelligence (AI) who these people are.

“Communities create enormous value for the company that they are built around. But from a brand perspective, there are very few tools available to them to manage, engage and grow these communities,” said Ashwin Sreenivas.

According to him, any company should be well aware of the developments happening around their community so that it will help them make an informed decision. The company which is into smartwatches how people are perceiving the product, what is the competition, how the device is reviewed via blog posts and YouTube videos among other marketing trends.

He is of the view that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way customers interact with companies, the way companies behave themselves and learn from their customers.

“It is interesting to note that now businesses have now realised how important it is to cultivate a strong brand and the role played by the loyal communities around them,” he said.

The beauty of Sreenivas’s product collates all the information and uses the data to build stronger online communities. “We plug in your existing platforms and give you all these insights. So you have the benefit of all the historical activity that you have probably seen on these platforms like Twitter, Github, Discord, or Subreddit for years,” he explained. “We capture all that previous information and pull everything in real-time.”

“From a brand perspective, everything is seamless. From a member’s perspective, nothing changes, except now the company is a lot more engaged with the actual community,” Ashwin Sreenivas adds.

After completing his schooling at the Choice School at Kochi, he joined Stanford University for graduation and post-graduation in computer science. It is interesting to note that from an early age, Ashwin Sreenivas has been active on the Science and Cyber Olympiad circuits and has even represented India at the International Junior Science Olympiad.

Before starting his startup Campfire, Ashwin Sreenivas’s started his entrepreneurial journey along with his first startup Helia, which worked in the enterprise computer vision space was acquired by Scale AI late last year. After starting his second startup Campfire, he raised funding from the likes of Kevin Hartz, the co-founder of Eventbrite.

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